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    Download a Brochure
Download a Brochure

Download a Brochure

Learn more about PCC by downloading one of our printed brochures.

Want to read on? Click on a brochure below to download your own copy. Each features information about our pediatric EHR and billing software, the benefits of our services, KLAS ratings, client testimonials, and photos of real PCC clients.

PCC Control Your Future
Step 1: Control Your Future

Our introductory brochure outlines the main benefits to choosing PCC for your pediatric practice. It’s designed as a series of several individual sheets inside a packet.

PCC Taking the Next Step
Step 2: Learn Why You can Expect More

This 20-page brochure provides a more in-depth understanding of the benefits and features of PCC, including a listing of our clinical and financial management tools.